HCO Hedlund & Co AB

HCO Hedlund & Co AB helps companies in different industries to create trademark recognition and build brands - particularly companies in high-tech industries.
We work with integrated communication. We aid our customers in communicating, integrating, and making communication initiatives more effective.
HCO Hedlund & Co supports customers throughout the entire process - from strategy building to concrete marketing activities - both internally and externally. An integrated initiative is the most effective way to build a strong brand.

Marketing communication services:
Full-service agency
Direct marketing
Event marketing
Internet communication
Public relations

HCO Hedlund & Co AB
Industrigatan 4C
SE-112 46 Stockholm

Phone +46 (0)8 665 33 00
Fax +46 (0)8 665 33 70
E-mail info@hco.se
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